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El Loco Llegar

Coming Home Once Again

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Updated May 7, 2021

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Michael McCaffery
One of my English to Spanish dictionaries defines the Spanish verb "llegar" to mean "to come home" or "to reach" or "to have enough" and by extension, "to be fulfilled."   
I take that to mean that one finally has come to the place of full self-acceptance, is satisfied and happy not only with the previous journey, but is content in the place in which that individual has come to, and has learned to accept that with grace, thankfulness, joy, and peace.
While one may never experience reaching that space, I believe I have come as close as I will ever get to the full realization of the word, and that acceptance is the key to that last step.
And so may it be with You, as it is within Your choice to attain that, since it is already there, and only has to be discovered by You to bring it forth.

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Special Note:


As I write and post this, a very good friend,  fellow seeker,

and quite remarkable woman, Laura Hurd, will soon be undergoing

serious major invasive surgery.  She has an amazing amount of support

from those with whom she has come in contact with for her whole life. 


Laura dedicates her life to working with others to assist and facilitate

their transformation into happier, more highly aware,

unconditionally loving, available, productive, and hugely impactful people. 


She makes a huge difference in the quality of life experienced by those

with whom she comes in contact, regardless of their situation and status. 


I continue to thank and acknowledge both Laura and her husband Noel,

and wish them both well.