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Updated November 23, 2021

Giordi,Tucker,and Bella
with Liz

(First Three Are Our Animal Friends)

Giordi Resting.jpg
Giordi and Tucker.jpg
Giordi, Tucker, and Liz.jpg
Bella 2.jpg
Bella 1.jpeg

While waiting for The Muse to return,   

I realized that the Muse was right beside me all during the time that I was awaiting its grand entrance, in the form our our two animal friends, Giordi and Bella, plus our neighbor Becky's dog Tucker.  The tall one in the photo above is Liz, my partner, wife, and animal savior.

I know, I know, ugh, animal pictures.   Deal with it; I did and they both changed my life.  So this will likely be another one of those soppy odes to how wonderful they are, and how they give meaning to our lives, along with numerous examples and pointers provided by them as to how to live and enjoy life.  And you are right, it will be, however briefly, since those who have had a close relationship with an animal know intuitively experientially that what I am saying is true.  

Both are rescue animals, and we adopted them early in their lives, at different times, and they get along well.  Giordi thinks he is the Big Dog, although Bella knows who really is the Boss; they seem to work it out.  Liz and I both know that they run our lives, and we like it that way, as they have taught us how to live in the moment, and they both demonstrate the meaning of joy, contentment, and peace.  I have fully succumbed to their charms and am willingly their happy slave and protector.

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