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Updated March 9, 2022
Updated April 9, 2022
Image by Thái An

Avoiding The Void

Avoiding "The Void" can be done if you're persistent, consistent, and most of all, committed.

Of course, there is more, and all that needs to be known is "out there" easily available for the taking, but requires a committed interest in doing so.  That is, it is sort of like everything else.

But first, let us examine what the "void" is.   I define it, based on my own experiences, as that place that we as humans sometimes go to, that seems vacant, listless, without meaning, barren of any specific emotions or thoughts, and just a cold, dank, dark surrounding of nothingness.

Pretty bleak, huh?  And if one is totally honest, we have all been there in some shape or form, some of us more than others.   Some actually reside there much of their lives, and those of us who occasionally touch it are not anxious to get back to that space any time soon, if ever.

Yet there is much to be gained from confronting that awesome dark pit of nothingness, as the more one's consciousness becomes aware of what that really is ("nothing" as in "no thing") our initial terror and depression will eventually turn into something quite remarkable, which is the flip side of that coin, and is often called peace, acceptance, and gratitude.

At least that has been my experience, and that place has been frequently visited by me, to my consternation and discomfort.

There is much that is useful and enlivening in that space, should one emerge from it.


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